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Twitter Application IP and Domain Names for Sale

I’ve been  kicking around an idea for a twitter application for a while – based on some of the occasional gold nuggets that fall out of twitter and my inability to capture or share them. I went as far as buying a ruby on rails book to determine the difficulty of what I wanted to do, talking to a couple of developers, and buying up domain names connected to the endeavor. Problem is, I have a job that I’d like to keep and no time to either seek out a developer or attempt to do it myself. So, if you fit one of the following profiles, I’d love to hear from you:

1. You would like to buy the domain names and twitter IDs outright.

2. You think you can develop my app given investment and guidance from me.

3. You have a twitter related application company looking for a revenue source and you’re open to a combination of 1 & 2

The domain names:








What skills do you need to develop this app?

1. Mad RSS parsing skills – as in consuming and manipulating, not producing.
2. Knowledge of how to build an app that scales REALLY BIG while using minimal bandwidth and compute.
3. Intimacy with the Twitter API and well as the ability to produce an API that can be easily consumed by twitter clients.
4. There are a few other bits that are relevant, but if you can deal with the above, we’re probably good.

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  1. abnerg says

    Based on several private comments, let me make something clear. The issues I want to solve / have somebody solve are about extracting signal out of twitter for others to consume. There are plenty of ways of inserting more noise into Twitter.

  2. Domain services says

    Did anyone buy them?

  3. Abner says


    Thanks for the inquiry. I’ve decided to keep them.