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About Abner

Abner is a husband, Dad of two, an economist nerd, ex-security, and a student of communications. This blog is about the latter three.



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I study the way business build, maintain, and justify spending on communications infrastructure. I spent a bunch of time in the security world a while back, and now I, unprofessionally*, use this site to track:

1. The way tech vendors and others use the banner of market security in order to sell products, services, and ideas.
2. Oddball economic indicators – especially the rare ones that attempt to quantify the value and economics of security.
3. Life as a market analyst

This blog started in 2002 and plunked along nicely for a while until I ignored my blog software for too long and my web host toasted it. I’ve upgraded to a new platform with AJAX and all sorts of other niceties. Archives live in the static form of the old blog. Please send any and all comments to: abner ‘at’ and thanks for stopping by.
* As in this site has nothing to do with my employer in any form… Although that could change at any minute these days.

Dear PR, AR, and anyone else for that matter:

I HATE voicemail. A quick “hey can you give me a call” via email is the fastest way to get me on the phone. Sorry to be a stick in the mud, but that just seems to be the way it works out. Thanks.

Personal: abner at
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