November 20, 2002

Guide to Homeland Marketing

Since the senate approved Bush's homeland security bill today, I thought I would provide a guide for vendors looking to make a buck or two from this colossal merger of federal agencies.

Abnerís guide for how to make Homeland bucks with your security product:

Step 1: Attach your brand to Homeland Security by plastering flags and the words "Homeland Security" all over your marketing collateral.
Step 2: Prove a threat exists that your product mitigates.
Step 3: Convince others your threat is a bigger threat than everybody else's pet threat.
Step 4 (optional): Find a non-security business problem your product also helps solve in order to establish a clear ROI.

Rinse and repeat as necessary.

P.S. While the above might actually work, I tend to agree Senator Byrd's questions are good questions to ask. With all the hubbub around establishing the Homeland Security Department why are our priorities still out of whack with reality?

Posted by Abner on November 20, 2002 06:53 PM | TrackBack
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